Before Emma..


Before I had Emma, I had my own ideas of what being a parent looked like. I even gave advice to parents on what they were doing wrong (gasp!!! So sorry!). When we were pregnant with Emma, I could hardly wait for her to get here and for us to be the perfect family. Everyone warned me about sleep deprivation, about late night feedings, and about the first few months being the hardest.

I knew in my head it was all true but I didn’t really KNOW until we were in the hospital and our brand new baby was screaming and choking and I was in so much pain I couldn’t jump up quickly to help my baby. Thank goodness my mom was there!

I didn’t fully KNOW until the nurse said “ok, it’s time to go home. She is all yours!” What do you mean?? you aren’t going home with me to teach me everything I need to know!?!

I didn’t really know until postpartum depression was in full force and my baby screamed all the time. Really. All. The. Time. And choked. All. The. Time.

I didn’t really know until the doctors told me that she was milk, soy, and protein intolerant and I wasn’t making enough milk and the formula she needed would break the bank.

I didn’t know.

But I learned.

Don’t get me wrong, it was hard but there where so many great memories too. Her first smile. Watching her get better and seeing her become a completely different baby. The screaming stopped once her belly healed and she started to sleep through the night and was the happiest baby on the block.

I would go through it all again just to watch her roll over for the first time, watch her sit up for the first time, to see her crawl for the first time, and to experience her first steps again. Those are my treasured memories.

Now the baby stage is over and I feel like I slept through it! Where did time go?!? How did she get so big? Did she really just say, “no, I want my daddy”?!

And I am learning. Learning that you have to be consistent. Learning that I have to seek The Lord every single day. Learning the I will mess up and it is ok to apologize and try again. Learning that your child watches every thing you do. The way you talk. The way you dress. The way you react or act.

My prayer for Emma is that she will grow up to love The Lord with all her heart, mind, and soul, that she will seek Him first, that she will be a kind and giving person, and that she will be wise.

But if she is going to learn that she has to learn it from someone. So, this year I am applying Matthew 6:33 to my life, “but seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” I want her to see me seek Him. I want her to see me become more like Him. I want to be able to show her what loving The Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul looks like. I want her to learn what it means to give and serve others. I want her to see me make wise decisions – even if it means throwing that shirt away because it isn’t modest. These are the years that she is learning so much and I want her to learn the best things from me. She is my mission field. She is my calling.

Things change after you have a baby.



Homemade Laundry Soap

IMG_1517.JPG It has been a busy few months. Working on the kitchen table, Emma’s birthday, and now training Emma to sleep without a paci has taken all of my time and energy. Little things, like laundry detergent, have taken a back burner.

Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who will pick me up a jug of ALL free and clear so that I can put off making laundry detergent and focus on other things. That jug is almost empty and it was time to stop putting it it off. So, yesterday afternoon while my sick child played happily with her toys and my husband watched football, I pulled out my cheese graterĀ and mixing bowls and got to work. With the permission of my friend who gave me the recipe for this laundry soap, I am going to share it with you today.

Laundry soap – makes one batch

1 bar of White Ivory

1/3 bar of Yardley’s lavender

1/3 bar of Yardley’s oatmeal and almond

Grate with a cheese grater

Add 1 2/3 cup of Baking Soda or Washing Soda

Add 1 2/3 cup of Borax

Mix well and store in an air tight container.

1 TBSP normal loads

2 TBSP for extra dirty or extra large loads

This time I added: 1 cup of Oxyclean powder

I make three batches all together and it will last 4-5 months! I love it! Give it a try and let me know if you like it.


Kitchen Table Makeover

When George and I first got married we bought our kitchen table and two chairs at Target. It was small but it met our needs at that time. At the beginning of the summer I realized we needed a new table. E no longer wanted to sit in her high chair. She wanted to sit with us at the table. In order to eat as a family, I had to bring a patio chair inside and it was driving me crazy!

While watching Craigslist and Facebook sale pages, I saw that a friend had two kitchen chairs for sale. That is when I decided to do a kitchen table makeover. We still live in a small space and with two more chairs our table would meet our needs again.

I started doing my home work… I searched Pinterest and saw pictures of white tables and colorful chairs and knew that is what I wanted to do! Then I read a lot of blogs about painting furniture. My favorite was this one.

I started at the beginning of July and only worked on it when E was asleep. If I had had more time I could have finished it faster but I enjoyed having a project.

I wish I had taken a before picture of the table before I started but I didn’t. I did take pictures of the chairs though!









Now for the table!!


I even moved the mirror the the dinning area:


Read about my mirror here.

It turned out better than I ever imagined!


And The Festivities Continue


My little family spent the morning relaxing and having tea parties. All the excitement from yesterday made for a tired bunch. After E’s long nap, we decided to go back to the enchanted maze since they have their petting zoo there today. The whole way there we talked to E about all the animals and how we are on our way to see them. She got very excited as soon as we got out of the car because she remembered our trip from yesterday. But I guess all the talk of animals had not sunk in because this was her first reaction:


She was SO excited she didn’t know what to do with herself for the first ten minutes! She stood there giggling and waving “hi” to all the animals. Finally, she started running in circles and back and forth getting all the excitement out. After she got all the “excited shock” out of her system, we proceeded to love on all the animals. Here are a few of my favorite pictures:

I loved the miniature horse! It was as big as E!


This goat was a tiny baby last year!


These two were ready for E to leave. The one standing up actually stomped his feet at her.

Ok, this is all… This is the baby of the goat told you about above…The lady told me the momma had a “teenage pregnancy” and wouldn’t take care of her baby so she had to bottle feed it. She is actually house broken! She doesn’t eat their stuff and knows to go out side to poop. She sleeps in a dog bed beside their bed and sits with them to watch tv at night. So cute!

After spending an hour with the animals, we made our rounds to all the other fun stuff and went home. This will be an afternoon I will never forget!


Birthday Shenanigans

The day we have looked forward is finally here! Unfortunately, we have all had the tummy bug this week. We haven’t been able to do as much as we would have wanted but I still feel like she had a great day!

Last night I did a little straightening up and getting her table and presents set out for her to see when she got up this morning. It felt like Christmas Eve.


We woke E up singing happy birthday and quickly changed her diaper so that she could come see her birthday surprise. She started giggling as soon as she saw her tea table!! She loves it.

I love the look she gave George in this picture:


This one shows her excitement:


She started using this expression this week. I just realized that it is the look I give her when she’s in trouble! Ha!
It cracks me up!


After we got ready for the day we went to the enchanted maze. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the animals out today but we still had fun as a family.






Emma was very tired today because she is still getting better from her tummy bug so we came home to take a good nap and refuel. After her nap, we stayed home and played with our tea table some more and tried on the princess dresses.



My husband captured my favorite moment today. Emma and I had a little tea party this evening.


We had a little cup cake for Emma too. She doesn’t get a lot of sweets so it took a while to talk her into eating it. By the time she ate it she was covered in pink.


Even though today didn’t go exactly as planned, it was still a great day! I am so blessed to be the mom of this beautiful two year old!!



When you are pregnant with your first child, countless times you will hear how you need to rest now while you can because when the baby comes you won’t get any sleep and that time flies by so fast. And while all of this is very true they don’t truly prepare you for the sleepless nights and the shock when you wake up and realize that this baby you watched grow in your belly is now turning TWO! Where did time go!?!

Two years ago this week I was “resting” up and getting ready to meet my little girl. I couldn’t wait to count her fingers and toes and see who she looked the most like – me or my husband. My husband won… She is a copy of him even down to the fact that she is ticklish EVERYWHERE!


Last year at this time, we were throwing her a first birthday party. She was crawling and would start walking soon after. She loved hearing us sing and loved playing with her toys. She was changing from a little baby into a small toddler.


Now she is turning two and loves to run and jump, loves building with blocks, reading, coloring, she loves people and playing with her friends. When we sing she sings the words she knows as loud as she can. When she smiles and laughs her whole face lights up. She is full of personality.


I am so blessed to have this little princess in my life! I can’t believe in three short days she will be two!! Slow down time.


IKEA Kids Table Makeover

I love looking at something that is plain and boring and seeing what it could be with a little work. For my munchkins 2nd birthday, I wanted to get her a little kid table but I didn’t want to spend a couple hundred dollars on something she will only use for a few years. That is when I saw this table on Ikea’s website for $20!


The closest ikea store is in Atlanta… Let’s be honest… I am like a cat in water when it comes to Atlanta. I am SO thankful for friends who go to Atlanta and ikea all the time!

After I got the table, I went to Pinterest. I saw so many ideas like this and this. There are so many ideas and they are all very helpful in getting me started.

Here is my completed table:




My husband is going to take the table and chairs this week to get Lowes to cut plexiglass for it but when I received E’s tin tea set in the mail today, I couldn’t wait a second longer to share these pictures! I will be sure to post pictures from her birthday!

You can make a table just like this! Here is what you need to make your own :

ikea table
BEHR ballet white paint
BEHR ballerina pink
3/8 of a yard of fabric
(had left overs that I can use on something else too)
plexiglass from Lowes