Dining-room Chalk Board Re-Do


Right before E’s first birthday, I had a friend help me take an old decorative picture from Kirkland’s and make it into a large chalk board for Emma’s party. I loved the chalk board and am so thankful for my friend for painting the frame and glass so that I could use it as a chalk board. However, after Emma’s party I never wrote on it again because I was afraid I would break the glass!

In attempt to add color to my living room/dining room I decided today to take the fabric I was going to use to make throw pillows and put it in the frame. I saw some really cute fabric frames on Pinterest … Here and Here are a few…

I set to work… After a lot of work I finally got the foam backing off and started to attempt to slide the glass out. The glass broke… Three times. Thankfully it was E’s nap time and she wasn’t in the living room with me when it broke. I then changed my plan a little and tightly wrapped the fabric around the foam backing.

Needless to say, once I got the foam back in the frame, it was A LOT lighter than it used to be!! I think a yellow or blue frame would look better than the creamy white but I am not going to try to take the foam out again… At least for now.

Are you ready to see it?!?



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