How To Fix A Loose Chair

I never thought that I would be fixing a loose chair! Then again… I never thought I would be painting our kitchen table and chairs. Since I had NO idea how to fix the chairs, I went to Google and watched this video. Seems easy enough…

So, today I talked to our maintenance man, got him to walk me through fixing them and I borrowed his rubber mallet. Here goes nothing…

First, I labeled chairs from left to right.


E wanted to be labeled…


Once E was in bed I took my frustrations (I didn’t have any when I first started but after a minute I did because it is harder than I thought it would be) out on the chair.


Then I sanded the old glue off and put glue in all the holes, put each piece back in its rightful spot, and let out the rest of my frustrations. I wrapped some bungee cords around it and am letting it sit over night.


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