When you are pregnant with your first child, countless times you will hear how you need to rest now while you can because when the baby comes you won’t get any sleep and that time flies by so fast. And while all of this is very true they don’t truly prepare you for the sleepless nights and the shock when you wake up and realize that this baby you watched grow in your belly is now turning TWO! Where did time go!?!

Two years ago this week I was “resting” up and getting ready to meet my little girl. I couldn’t wait to count her fingers and toes and see who she looked the most like – me or my husband. My husband won… She is a copy of him even down to the fact that she is ticklish EVERYWHERE!


Last year at this time, we were throwing her a first birthday party. She was crawling and would start walking soon after. She loved hearing us sing and loved playing with her toys. She was changing from a little baby into a small toddler.


Now she is turning two and loves to run and jump, loves building with blocks, reading, coloring, she loves people and playing with her friends. When we sing she sings the words she knows as loud as she can. When she smiles and laughs her whole face lights up. She is full of personality.


I am so blessed to have this little princess in my life! I can’t believe in three short days she will be two!! Slow down time.


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