Birthday Shenanigans

The day we have looked forward is finally here! Unfortunately, we have all had the tummy bug this week. We haven’t been able to do as much as we would have wanted but I still feel like she had a great day!

Last night I did a little straightening up and getting her table and presents set out for her to see when she got up this morning. It felt like Christmas Eve.


We woke E up singing happy birthday and quickly changed her diaper so that she could come see her birthday surprise. She started giggling as soon as she saw her tea table!! She loves it.

I love the look she gave George in this picture:


This one shows her excitement:


She started using this expression this week. I just realized that it is the look I give her when she’s in trouble! Ha!
It cracks me up!


After we got ready for the day we went to the enchanted maze. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the animals out today but we still had fun as a family.






Emma was very tired today because she is still getting better from her tummy bug so we came home to take a good nap and refuel. After her nap, we stayed home and played with our tea table some more and tried on the princess dresses.



My husband captured my favorite moment today. Emma and I had a little tea party this evening.


We had a little cup cake for Emma too. She doesn’t get a lot of sweets so it took a while to talk her into eating it. By the time she ate it she was covered in pink.


Even though today didn’t go exactly as planned, it was still a great day! I am so blessed to be the mom of this beautiful two year old!!


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