And The Festivities Continue


My little family spent the morning relaxing and having tea parties. All the excitement from yesterday made for a tired bunch. After E’s long nap, we decided to go back to the enchanted maze since they have their petting zoo there today. The whole way there we talked to E about all the animals and how we are on our way to see them. She got very excited as soon as we got out of the car because she remembered our trip from yesterday. But I guess all the talk of animals had not sunk in because this was her first reaction:


She was SO excited she didn’t know what to do with herself for the first ten minutes! She stood there giggling and waving “hi” to all the animals. Finally, she started running in circles and back and forth getting all the excitement out. After she got all the “excited shock” out of her system, we proceeded to love on all the animals. Here are a few of my favorite pictures:

I loved the miniature horse! It was as big as E!


This goat was a tiny baby last year!


These two were ready for E to leave. The one standing up actually stomped his feet at her.

Ok, this is all… This is the baby of the goat told you about above…The lady told me the momma had a “teenage pregnancy” and wouldn’t take care of her baby so she had to bottle feed it. She is actually house broken! She doesn’t eat their stuff and knows to go out side to poop. She sleeps in a dog bed beside their bed and sits with them to watch tv at night. So cute!

After spending an hour with the animals, we made our rounds to all the other fun stuff and went home. This will be an afternoon I will never forget!


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