Kitchen Table Makeover

When George and I first got married we bought our kitchen table and two chairs at Target. It was small but it met our needs at that time. At the beginning of the summer I realized we needed a new table. E no longer wanted to sit in her high chair. She wanted to sit with us at the table. In order to eat as a family, I had to bring a patio chair inside and it was driving me crazy!

While watching Craigslist and Facebook sale pages, I saw that a friend had two kitchen chairs for sale. That is when I decided to do a kitchen table makeover. We still live in a small space and with two more chairs our table would meet our needs again.

I started doing my home work… I searched Pinterest and saw pictures of white tables and colorful chairs and knew that is what I wanted to do! Then I read a lot of blogs about painting furniture. My favorite was this one.

I started at the beginning of July and only worked on it when E was asleep. If I had had more time I could have finished it faster but I enjoyed having a project.

I wish I had taken a before picture of the table before I started but I didn’t. I did take pictures of the chairs though!









Now for the table!!


I even moved the mirror the the dinning area:


Read about my mirror here.

It turned out better than I ever imagined!


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